Data solutions for businesses that can't afford to sleep.

We are a data and security center designed to protect your digital world.

Wintermute is a global technological leader.

Wintermute Servers

With clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we provide world-class hosting facilities and disaster recovery, information security, and business continuity data centers, designed to keep you connected to your customers 24/7/365.

Our mission is to focus on uninterruption services. Our job is to create serious peace of mind, ensuring you can sleep at night. By taking our years of IT experience, production environments and data systems we help your business deal with the challenges of today, tomorrow, and the future.

Always on. Never off.

We use best in class technological solutions to make sure your environment, and our disaster recovery work seamlessly together. Working to protect your data and business from any circumstances; from system failures to deletion of data. Our team brings years of knowledge helping you navigate business processes and IT environments to create the solution that works for your business.

Data Recovery

Data and Recovery Center

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud Based Backups and Recovery

IT Strategy

IT Strategy and Management Consulting

Hosting Facilities

Hosting facilities

Wintermute can ensure your business is ready for anything. Want to see how we can help you?